Stack and Tilt in the UK

“If all of the golf instruction books, videos and lessons for the past 100 years had taught people to keep their weight on their left side and swing their hands inward, we would have generations of golfers drawing the ball instead of slicing. Golf would be a different game. Instead most instruction teaches moves that lead not only to a slice but to hitting behind the ball, which has inhibited the development of players and of the game itself. The Stack & Tilt Swing is a mechanically simpler way to hit the ball"  - Excerpt from 'The Stack And Tilt Swing'  (2009).

Stack and Tilt is a fantastic system of measurement which allows the instructor and pupil constant points of reference through the ‘P’s’ or positions within the swing. These may be catalogued, the golfer is then clear in his or her mind through pictures in addition to conversation the practice required to become a more proficient player.

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